December 2nd: Overdressed

A pair of red galoshes for my feet,
An a-line skirt to ward off puddle splash,
With tights to help retain my bare knees’ heat
And extra shoes for when the boots I stash,

A cotton sweater to wick off the damp,
With matching scarf for my cold-roughened throat,
My dapper raincoat, belted like a champ
Combine to make a potent antidote

To hostile elements, and over all
I spread my monumental bumpershoot,
With which I may withstand the wildest squall
Until the hissing, thunderous skies fall mute,

The cataclysm earth and soul revives,
That is, if the predicted rain arrives.


2 responses to “December 2nd: Overdressed

  1. aha, as the owner of a pair of red galoshes, myself, I applaud this sonnet, and in addition can only ask, “What on earth’s a bumpershoot?”

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