September 24: She For He For She

A he for she means that the he’s for me,
With masculinity, a he can be
In favor of a she’s equality
And I’m for him who is a he for she,

A he for she seemes elementary
Since codifying feminimity,
Will limit every he as well as she.
In patriarchy violent cruelty

Can visit any she for being she,
But weakness is its own rigidity,
For when he stands with she unsilently,
It shatters tacit solidarity.

Henceforth a she for hes for she I’ll be,
In gratitude for spoken empathy.

Goodwill Ambassador Emma Watson introduces #HeForShe at the United Nations.


2 responses to “September 24: She For He For She

  1. I love this!! And not just because I love Emma Watson (even though I do).

    • Thank you!! It was a wonderful, heartfelt, and important speech. I think the sonnet ended up somewhere between e. e. cummings and Dr. Seuss, which is not a bad place to be 😀

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