April 1: No Fooling

I see no lakes from Lakeview Boulevard.
There is no mill around the Mill Cafe.
I will not fall for any old canard,
Especially on this auspicious day.

I wasn’t taken in by George Takei,
Whose hosting SNL was just a con,
And I felt wistfulness and some dismay
To know Rosetta Stone won’t teach Klingon.

And yet, the April Fools are laughing last,
Like Tumblr top hats as a badge of pride,
Or those who thought pet clothing to lambast
Whose canine fashions will be bona fide.

And though from pranking I myself abstained,
I always love a day where silly reigned.


2 responses to “April 1: No Fooling

  1. Google usually does something funny on April 1 but this year nada. Very sad.
    Here’s to whimsy!

  2. Google Maps did a Pokemon thing this year, but you’re right, nothing huge, unified an insane. Fortunately, there were plenty of silly things that people did on other social media!

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