January 1: Sonnet 101

An English sonnet’s only fourteen lines,
Possessing ten and sixty metered feet,
Two stanzas of a thought, then by design,
The turn, la volta, where ideas meet.

The third quatrain is a kaleidoscope,
Through which the prior stanzas can be viewed.
And then a couplet which, the writer hopes,
Will emphasize or contradict the mood.

This simple form that fashion left behind
Is rarely used by poets of today,
Yet Shakespeare, Spenser, Petrarch and their kind,
While read and loved, will never fade away.

This New Year’s Day has faded into night.
One down, three hundred sixty-four to write.


9 responses to “January 1: Sonnet 101

  1. I approve! 😀 I can’t wait for more.

    • Thank you so much, m’dear! It’s been a while since my last sonnet, so it wasn’t until the third stanza that it started to flow. Here’s hoping the others will involve fewer English lessons and more squee.

  2. Lovely my dear! Your talents never cease to amaze me. Ma

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  3. Lovely… AND you get bonus points for using the word “kaleidoscope” in a sonnet.

    • Thank you so much! I’m hoping to up the number of polysyllabic words as I go on, hopefully without cheating too much on the meter 😀 Thank you so much for commenting!

  4. I knew of your goal to write a sonnet a day, but I didn’t know you were posting them anywhere! How lovely! I shall bookmark your page and check in regularly to bask in your brilliance.

    • Oh squee! Thank you so much! I figured posting the sonnets publicly would keep me relatively honest. And it’s worked so far! *hugs* Thank you so much, dearest!

    • Oh squee, thank you! I figured having a public place to post them would help keep me honest, at least in terms of posting every day. It means there will be errors and occasionally ill-conceived works, but at least it won’t be dull!

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